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Family First!

It's the night before I leave for Jamaica.
The house is a disaster. Not the usual disaster ..I'm talking talking popcorn all over the kitchen floor because my toddler decided it would be fun to dump the whole bag everywhere, dirty dishes on the counter, unpacked bags on the ground, 5 loads of unfolded laundry devouring my couch, half packed suit cases on my bed and a list of a million things to do. Everything in me wants to scream and cancel the trip. My instinct is to get everything done immediately. But, I decided not to. I sat and played with my  kiddos. In my mind I wasn't going to see them for 10 days. The mess, the packing, the to do's could wait. I was going to put them first. I must admit that I am not this type of person. My motto is work hard and play later. I think for most things in life, that's a good saying to live by.  But there are times we need to put our family first. We can get so caught up in the everyday hustle, we miss our children growing up…

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