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Have you ever watched a team that wins a championship? What are one of the first things they say when 'star players' are interviewed after the game by the Media?
  'It was a team effort' or 'I couldn't have done this without my team' It couldn't be more true!  To win a game, you need a team effort. It isn't a one man show! Recently I have had a special burden for my children. I have been burdened with how I can be a better parent. See my parents did the best they could and taught me many valuable life lessons that I hold on to today. But I wasn't raised the 'typical' or 'traditional' two parent home life style. Fast forward 30 years and 3 kids later, living a very traditional life and I am in a parenting predicament. How the heck do I be a good mom? How can I live my life in a way that wins my kids to Jesus?  How do I navigate through the sometimes...most times stormy weather's that is mammahood? In my quest I came across …

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