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Losing Isreal

There are moments in life that can define us. Whether for good or for bad. They shape the people we become. They make us stronger, more resiliant.  They cause us to fight when we don't want to fight. And hold on to Jesus for dear life!  It's been a while since I shared an entry from my personal life. I share this because I know many women battle the very thing I am about to talk about! Though it has taken me years to muster the courage to share this via blog,  I hope it can encourage or help someone out there.

Summer of 2015 was a summer I will never forget!  It was filled with much joy and sorrow!
I had come back from a conference and was feeling 'off'. When I feel 'off' it can only mean one thing!  I was PREGNANT! I took numerous tests. They kept coming back negative. Finally after about 3 days a test came back positive with a very faint line!  Hurray!  I didn't think anything of the faint line. I was just happy to finally see a positive test! I was ove…

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