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Do it for the Love Not the Likes

Awhile ago a friend of mine was a little discouraged that one of her goals hadn't really matierialized the way she had thought. Another friend confided in me about her desire to start a YouTube channel.  Another about starting a company and asked how to get started.  I can list countless times I have been asked advice or tips for 'starting' things.   I may not have all the anwers in this area... But one piece of advice unanmously came to mind in all of the above cases.
'Do it for the love, Not for the likes' If you don't know, those are lyrics from an old reggae song(yes I miss Jamaica that much... reggae lyrics are becoming blog posts inspo) This simple little phrase holds so much weight and has struck such a chord with me since I heard it! This generation thrives  off 'likes' 'follows' and 'attention'. Instagram, Snap chat, Twitter, Facebook are all examples, case in point. When it comes to starting something, whether it be to lose w…

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