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Clean with Me Vee & Method Products Review

Growing up my mom was the cleanest lady I knew.  Probably still is. I remember any time we had guests, she would say sorry excuse the mess. I would look around bewildered by perfectly immaculate house hold and think 'this lady is losing it'. I was convinced that she actually could see germs in their molecular state! That was the only way I could justified the insanity. Fast forward 30 years and here am I following in her shadows. Maybe it's genetic? I am not complaining, being inherently clean isn't a problem for me. However I wasn't always this way. Once my teens hit I had zero desire to keep things to my mom's standard.  When I first got married 10 years ago, I had a wake up call. I was not nearly as clean and tidy as I needed to be as a new wife. I knew how to shove things in closet and drawers so the general area looked nice. Sweep the main areas, but I neglected the corners. And scrubbing behind my fridge?  You have got to be kidding me?  Who the heck had…

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